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Women and Voice 1

  • Agoyoga 8 Carrer d'Ausiàs Marc Barcelona, CT, 08010 Spain (map)

A workshop that explores women’s voices in a range of working environments.  Public speaking, presentations, negotiations, meetings, interviews, networking, casual chats, and even the way that you speak to yourself are all possible contexts to which the work can be applied. It will be primarily in English, but participants will be able to use their native language for speaking.

Participants can be businesswomen, entrepreneurs, artists, curators, interpreters, or any other interested woman with a voice. 

The workshop will be in two parts:  the first will be straightforward instruction, with theory and practice interspersed.  We will work through basic, practical techniques for saying what you have to say clearly and having it resonate, whether your audience be a colleague, boss, team, or an auditorium full of strangers.  It will be physical, and work will happen in the group as well as individually in front of the group.  The second part of the workshop will be a guided conversation that will explore the particular challenges of your voice in your working environments and explore potential strategies and skills to address those challenges.  

Think of it as a laboratory: tried and trusted exercises will lay a foundation for experiential research, with the intention that you continue your own research after the workshop has ended. This is the first of a series of workshops and participants will be given preference for future workshops in the series. 

I have experienced firsthand the limits to and expectations for a woman’s voice in our present world — and my experience with the voice gives me the deep conviction that the limits are fiction and the expectations too narrow. 

Fee: €50.  

Enrolment limited to 14 people; contact to reserve.